Gold Millenium? – Proprietary apple tree variety

Gold Millenium?

parch proof apple variety

All preparations (diet supplements) contain fiber from the Gold Milenium? apple variety

Golden Millenium? is our proprietary apple tree variety. It is entirely resistant both to fungal diseases (it does not require using fungicides) and to frost.

It received the title of ? Innovative Product? within the framework of the ?2008 National Innovation Leaders? competition ? regional edition: Podlaskie voivodship, category: innovative product, sub-category: micro business.

Gold Millenium? apple thee variety produced by us was awarded with a mark of distinction in the ?Clean Business  2009? contest organized under the honorary patronage of the Minister for the Environment, the Minister of Economy and the Minister of Regional Development.

The fruits of this variety have:

  • a very high level of polyphenols and antioxidants (they capture free radicals in the organism which prevents the formation of cancerous cells),
  • the highest content of pectins out of all apple tree varieties (they play an important role in preventing obesity, atherosclerosis and diabetes,
  • a very high extract level ? above 14,5% (even children are eager to eat them),
  • a perfectly balanced chemical composition
  • a very high energy potential
  • they do not cause allergies (suitable for allergy sufferers)

Due to its advantages and chemical properties, fibre obtained from the Gold Millenium? variety is used in the production of our supplements