Let’s make ecology an everyday fact,

not fashion



Let’s make ecology an everyday fact,

not fashion


Who are we?

The origins of our activity date back to 1986 – when the family-owned orchard and nursery farm was founded by Jan Skibicki, the graduate of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. Since 2003, in cooperation with the Research Institute of Pomology and Floriculture in Skierniewice and the Department of Chemistry of the Białystok University of Technology, he has been developing ecological horticultural technologies. The result of their joint activities is the creation of 17 new apple tree varieties resistant to fungal diseases, including the most prominent ? the Gold Milenium? variety. SAJSAD was established in 2005 after the organizational and production profile changes. Functional food of organic origin in the form of dietary supplements has become our basic product. As a result of cooperation with research centers:

  • Medical University of Bialystok,
  • Bialystok Technical University,
  • Institute of Horticulture in Skierniewice,
  • Texas University in the U.S.A.

dietary supplements were created. These are produced under our „Sajsad” brand – lyophilisates based on natural juices packaged in capsules, and PectinGOLD – an ecological metabolite which is a source of polyphenols, pectins and other bioactive organic and mineral compounds.

All our products are made using the fiber of our original variety of Gold Milenium? apples.

We have introduced bioactive active compounds in the form of dietary supplements made on the base of vegetable and fruit functional food of organic origin. Nothing cheers people more than good health. We all tend to appreciate it  once it is gone. We get most of the raw materials from our own organic farm which is controlled by a certifying body (Bioekspert).

Podlasie is the main region of our operations. Podlaskie Voivodship has the least degraded arable farmland in the whole of Poland and Europe. 40% of its area forms part of the Natura 2000 European nature conservation network when the network covers a total of 18% of the whole country.

Due to the lowest levels of heavy metals, industrial pollution, pesticides and other toxic chemicals, we produce in the areas of the Knyszyn and Białowieża Primeval Forests. This is why the raw materials used in the production of our supplements are of the highest quality.

Thanks both to the proper method of soil preparation as well as to the proper choice of vegetable and fruit varieties used in the production of biopreparations, our supplements feature a stable level of antioxidants.

Both the bacteria used in the biopreparations production and the production technology of our dietary supplements have been patented.

Each product batch of our supplements released to the market has been tested with regard to the heavy metals, pesticides, bioactive compounds (fitamins) content. We also check the basic microbiology levels.

The viability of probiotic bacteria in our preparations is between 90 and 95%

Our supplements show very wide spectrum of health-supporting activities which have been identified by researches and publications.

All long R&D and deployment stages are proceeded under the watchful eye of prof. Kazimierz Pieńkowski  – the CEO and founder of the Innovative Economy Foundation in Białystok (whose members we are). Through the cooperation with the Foundation we have reached medical-rehabilitation- recreational centres which complement their fruit and vegetable diet with our supplements. Biopreparations as supplements are also delivered to clinics and doctors? surgeries.


PectinGOLD JP-2 innovative essence

Characterised by the greatest content of polyphenolic compounds and pectins. Reasearch conducted at the Department of Chemistry of the Białystok University of Technology confirmed high effectiveness of the PectinGOLD JP-2 essence in the capture of free-radicals from the environment.

PectinGOLD JP-G innovative essence

Studies carried out at the Department of Microbiology of the Medical University in Białystok showed inhibition of the development of mildew and ascomycota, especially Candida albicans, the most common cause of fungal infection in humans leading to, among others, intestinal dysbiosis. People taking PectinGOLD JP-G highlight the particular benefits in restoring functions of the digestive tract.

All preparations (diet supplements) contain fiber from the Gold Milenium? ap-ple variety

Nasze produkty

Pectin Gold – Suplementy diety

W ofercie posiadamy następujące suplementy diety:

  • PectinGOLD JP-1

    wspomaga odbudowę i wzmocnienie systemu immunologicznego organizmu.

  • PectinGOLD JP-2

    polecany w okresie zwiększonej zachorowalności na infekcje wirusowe w tym grypę.

  • PectinGOLG JP-G

    wspomaga równowagę mikroflory i normalizuje pracę układu pokarmowego.

  • Liofilizat soku z ekologicznej kiszonej kapusty

    naturalny probiotyk.

  • Liofilizat soku z ekologicznego buraka kiszonego

    naturalny probiotyk.

  • Liofilizat soku z ekologicznej dzikiej róży

    naturalne źródło witaminy C, pro-witaminy A, łatwo przyswajalnej zalecanej w profilaktyce pro ? zdrowotnej.

  • Liofilizat ekologicznego octu jabłkowego

    wpływa korzystnie na przyspieszenie metabolizmu komórkowego.

  • Liofilizat soku z ekologicznej jagody kamczackiej

    wspomaga leczenie chorób narządu wzroku.

  • Liofilizat ekologicznego octu gruszkowego

    naturalne źródło fosforu, magnezu, potasu i wapna.

  • Liofilizat soku z ekologicznych owoców wiśni

    naturalne źródło przeciwutleniaczy i melatoniny.

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