Probiotic natural

60 capsules x 300 mg

Fermented cherry juice lyophilisate

Lyophilisate based on organic sauerkraut juice

Lyophilisate based on organic beetroot juice

What are probiotics?

The name probiotic comes from the Greek words pro bios meaning ?for life?. Natural probiotics found in silage prevent flatulence and constipations, improve digestion and increase the overall immunity of the organism.

(if e.g. beetroots and cabbage do not contain antioxidants, silage will not have any prohealthy properties and bacteria will generate active bioactive compounds which are bioavailable to the human body)

Our body is particularly in need of probiotics in case of  natural bacterial flora disorders caused by the following factors:

  • past antibiotic treatment;
  • smoking cigarettes;
  • poor eating habits: eating fast food and highly processed food, lack of dairy products in diet;
  • drinking alcohol;
  • chronic stress;
  • using contraception.

Our biopreparations contain up to 7000 bacteria creating colonies in 1g and the viability of the probiotic bacteria is 90-95%.

Why does home-made beetroot leaven have little effect:

  • low content of antioxidants,
  • beetroots should be grown using the organic origin functional food production method,
  • the fermentation process must not be spontaneous ( 80% decrease in betacyanins and other antioxidants due to uncontrolled prebiotic bacteria)
  • bacteria multiplication temperature is 35 degrees ( fungi multiply at 20 degrees, it will never pass the microbiological tests),